Thoughts about Music, Photography and Videos

testMusic is auditory – it is virtually painless to use, requires minimal attention and therefore, with the ease of access which online services provide, it was just a question of breaking down various barriers. And with every device imaginable in the market offering some sort of musical playback, it’s virtually impossible NOT to escape from music and its mesmerizing effect. Think Spotify, iTunes, Grooveshark. On demand and on your fingertips. Except, for the content, there is a small problem of getting noticed. And for this generation, it’s a lot more magnified and amplified than ever.

Photographs are visual, yet at the same time, it has never been easier than before to click photos. With mobile phones doubling up as powerful cameras, anyone can be an amateur photographer. And with the rise of web based photo editing services like Instagram, Flickr, etc. one can eke out professional looking photographs with relative ease. Also memes and LoLCats are the established norm. What is next?

Videos. Oddly enough, even though videos are a combination of visual and audio, they’ve never been a focused market. TV shows and music videos would fall under this category. TV shows have widespread appeal through their audience, which is estimated through TRP, yet only the wildly popular shows are actually bought. And music videos have been used mostly for promotional purposes, rather than an actual means of sales. iTunes offers users to purchase TV shows and music videos, but users would rather hit up YouTube or DailyMotion to stream the video than actually play it. I think that even though videos are underrated, they have been instrumental in promoting today’s culture of wanting free goods, quick access and quality at the same time. The reason why YouTube is so popular is because of the idea that ‘if I wanna see something, I can find it on YouTube.’ Also videos are the new trendsetters and hotspots for viral thought. Gangnam Style? Harlem Shake? Yep, we’re good.

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